2017 Meeting Schedule

by Site Editor

17th Annual Meeting of the Phenomenology Roundtable

June 1-3, 2017     San Jose State University


THURSDAY  University Library 225
1:30-2:00 Registration
2:00-2:15 Welcome and History
2:15-2:45 Task of Phenomenology Today
3:00-3:55 Session 1: Carolyn Cusick “Epistemic Injustice, Objectification, and Mistreating Bodies as Sources of Information”
4:05-5:00 Session 2: Doug Ficek “The Idol of Whiteness Must Fall: An Essay on Racial Transvaluation”
6:30 Dinner near campus: Gordon Biersch Brewery, 33 E San Fernando St, San Jose, CA 95113
FRIDAY Faculty Offices 104
8:45-9:14 Breakfast
9:15-10:10 Session 3: Desiree Melonas “Bag Lady, You Gone Hurt Your Back”: An Existential-Phenomenological Account of Women and Bag-Carrying as Narrated Through Erykah Badu”
10:20-11:15 Session 4: Alejandro Arango “Other Minds and Social Identities”
11:25-12:20 Session 5: Tom Meagher “Creolized Reflection”
2:00-2:55 Session 6: Mikias Wondyfraw “Theorizing Irreducible Epistemic Oppression and Minimizing Reducible Oppression”
3:05-4:00 Session 7: Carlos Sanchez “Aspects of a Phenomenology of Brutality”
4:25-5:30 Session 8: Keynote Peter Hadreas “Husserl and the Phenomenology of Racism”
7:00pm Dinner hosted by Carlos at Karin Brown’s
SATURDAY Faculty Offices 104
9:10-9:29 Breakfast
9:30-10:25 Session 9: Eric Chelstrom “Horizon Intentionality and Implicit Bias”
10:35-11:30 Session 10: Shoni Rancher “The Political Relevance of Kierkegaardian Humor in Portilla’s fenomenologia del relajo”
11:55-12:50 Session 11: Jacki Alvarez “Sexuality as Visible Identity”
1:00-1:30 Business Meeting