17th Annual Phenomenology Roundtable

by Site Editor

The 17th Annual Meeting of the Phenomenology Roundtable will take place in San Jose, CA Thursday, June 1st through Saturday, June 3rd on the campus of San Jose State University hosted Carlos Sanchez and Carolyn Cusick. I hope y’all are excited about coming back to Cali, and this time closer to the San Francisco Bay.

Members, please make your Intention to Present known to Carolyn by March 2nd

Returning or New non-member Participants, please submit your paper drafts – works in progress are welcome –  by April 6th to be considered for participation. Please read our Mission Statement (https://phenomenologyroundtable.wordpress.com/mission-statement/) before submitting to ensure this is a conference that will be helpful to your own progress.

Submit via email to phenomenology_roundtable@yahoo.com